Sudanese Children’s Foundation joins Corporate Africa Network

Mr. Digol Gak Deng, President & Founder of SRCF.<br /> Fashion Model by career, Philanthropist by heart July 3, 2011. ATLANTA, GA. Sudanese Refugee Children’s Foundation (SRCF) joins Corporate Africa Network to help raise more awareness on the foundation’s initiatives. SRCF is a non-profit organization committed to improving the general social well-being of the refugee children from Sudan, by providing educational resources, basic health care, food, and shelter. SRCF was established in 2005. Powered by its strategic and creative model of “internal provision”, CAN was able to position SRCF to build more impressions and make a strategic impact towards the advancement of its goal of building a boarding school in Juba, South Sudan.”In a week’s time, we were able to facilitate connections for SRCF’s President, Mr. Digol Gak Deng, to connect with the press at the time South Sudan was being inaugurated as a new country (July 9). That, in and of itself, is a great accomplishment acknowledged by the foundation who now has also been granted land in Juba!” stated CAN’s CEO Alain Adunagow, praising the efforts of a strategic teamwork strategy with his clients and the company’s ability to turn clients resources from potential opportunities into active assets. SRCF consults CAN in order to establish a self-sustainable approach that will help the foundation depend less on donors’ help.

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