Corporate Africa Sponsorship Program launched to help fund African businesses

Feb 16, 2012. IRVINE, CA. Corporate Africa Network (CAN) is pleased to launch the “Corporate Africa Sponsorship Program” – an innovative idea to help fund Corporate Africa businesses in their marketing budgets to join the network.

We have been championing the idea of Corporate Africa for the last ten years. Things are picking up as we begin to see interests rise from Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) and organizations in Corporate World. And so to continue to increase the Corporate Africa market, we continue to seek creative ways to build the market. This year, we are proud to announce that we now have a sponsorship program which approves Corporate Africa businesses for 1-year subscription membership to the network. This approval is powered by a sponsorship program where CAN business partners bid to support the applicants under certain simple conditions. This funding method will allow these businesses to join our network and gain access to a number of privileges that will empower their businesses and organizations.

CAN’s CEO Alain Adunagow stated that “this is breakthrough funding opportunity! We are very excited about this and invite anyone in business with Corporate Africa to either join the network as a strategic sponsoring partner or apply to receive marketing funding to join the Corporate Africa network as a prospective CAN member.”

The program was launched early in February and is gaining momentum. For more information about the funding opportunity deal, contact Corporate Africa Network at